Tuesday, 9 December 2014

About Me (1)

Hi, I'm Pei Han. But you call may by my English name, Brooklynn, that my parents never use and never entered into any systems.

 i love Whales,Dolphins,Wolves,and Horses. And i want to become a Marine Biologist when i grow up. Partly because i don't want an ordinary desk job and also because i want to stop whaling for real (ITS REALLY INHUMANE)

I love listening to music, my favourite band is Fall Out Boy.
I also enjoy sketching and painting (it helps to relieve stress)

I personally love to swim and ice skate but i enjoy watching soccer the most and i think i might be the only one in my group of friends that support Netherlands.

When im bored i usually watch comedies such as How I Met Your Mother and Friends. I also enjoy watching crime shows such as NCIS, CSI, Bones, Law and Order and etc. But my all time fayourite show and book series is Pretty Little Liars, which is sad because the book series had just ended. 

Although my friends always pester me to start gaming i never actually liked gaming except for mystery games.

My personality type is ENFP which means that i have a strong preference of extraversion over introversion, that i have a distinct preference of intuition over sensing, a distinct preference of feeling over thinking, and that i have a slight preference of perceiving over judging. ;)

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